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Educating creatives about the business of creativity

We at MEME want to empower creatives with the knowledge and the tools to take their drive and passion as far as it can go. Without a strong business foundation, many will aimlessly spend time and money on avoidable failures, and others will quit before they've started.

Our offerings will initially take the form of a first class conference called the CONTENT CREATOR'S CRASH COURSE or C4. A comprehensive overview of the film, television, and new media industries, C4 will take a creative through the life cycle of a single project, have special focus on key elements of business (Finance, Legal, Working with the Guilds, Inclusivity, etc.), emphasis on networking and opportunities to do so, and finally an open floor to meet with support groups, service providers, and consultants. 

Our hope is that C4 will do well enough to host "Crash Courses" for other creative industries such as INTERACTIVE and COMICS.

Other proposed programs include: THE TEACHING SET program, allowing an interactive environment for hands on training, a film festival and competition, and a small media market for long and short form projects to be pitched to streaming companies.


Makeshift Entertainment Media Education (MEME) is a nonprofit organization committed 

to supporting entertainment professionals through education in the business side of 
the industry and through workforce development, thus promoting the 
entrepreneurial aspects of the entertainment industry in Colorado and beyond.


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