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Adam Smestad, CO

“This program took me from a point where I was anxious and scared to pitch a project to where
I was not only confident, but excited to pitch. I learned everything I needed to know to be
successful in pitching my projects at AFM, and my career is growing exponentially because of
it.” Adam Smestad, Writer, Director, Producer - Smoose Entertainment

Travis Heermann, CO

“In the lead up to my first time at AFM, MEME/NOCOVA was incredibly helpful for giving me tips and
strategies on how to maximize my results. The preparation let me hit the ground running and start getting
meetings.” Travis Heermann, Writer, Director, Producer — Bear Paw Films LLC.

Sean Boutot, CO

"After speaking with Nick Goins and Amber MacPherson of MEME and attending several of the Pitch Quorum and Market Prep workshops, I was inspired to develop a television drama based on my experiences in the food service industry. Through MEME, I have learned an enormous amount of valuable information that has given me a fast-track education in the basics of entertainment development. I am looking forward to working with MEME as I further develop this and future concepts." Sean Boutot, Writer, Producer - Show Me Yours, LLC
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